The Running Man Slows Down

THX set up the telephone. “Do you know what you’ll say?”
“Yep,” The Note Writer replied.
THX called AOL tech support, and The Note Writer started talking.
“Yes, hi. I’m super smart, and my computer is broken. It keeps telling me ‘Press ctrl-alt-del to begin.’”
“Press Ctrl, Alt, and Del at the same time,” replied the tech support officer.
“I tried that, but it didn’t work. I asked my friend, and he said to replace the hard drive. I did that, and it still stays up there.”
“Okay; take a chainsaw.”
“And slice up your computer.”
As they were talking, The Running Man stopped running, and waited. “It’s working!”, shouted Jason.
The Note Writer put his hand over the microphone and asked, “Can anyone do a good chainsaw on computer sound?”
THX said yes, and he began doing a pretty good imitation of a chainsaw on a monitor.
“It works now!” The Note Writer said after THX had finished his imitation. The Note Writer hung up, and asked everyone else, “Who wants to go next?”
Almost everybody raised their hand.

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