Randy scanned the dancing crowd hopefully. Sure, Laura had said she wasn’t coming. Actually, her exact words had been, “I wouldn’t be caught dead at a stupid dance, with you or any other guy.” But girls changed their minds a lot, and liked things like lipstick and eye shadow. So, he just figured she would be here.

She wasn’t here. But a few girls asked him to dance, which was nice even if it did surprise him. He was walking to the punch table after a fast song when he felt two sudden impacts.

Heidi, giggling and carrying two glasses of punch, bumped into him and said “Oh, sorry Randy. I didn’t see you there. I was just carrying this punch over to Jonny.”

Ben, scowling and carrying two glasses of punch, elbowed him and said “Randy, let’s go sit on the bleachers. I’ve barely seen you all night.”

Randy awkwardly weaved around Heidi and turned to follow Ben, then immediately ran into Matt and two girls he vaguely recognized. All three seemed to be talking to him.

What is going on? he thought to himself.

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