Splinter 2: Awake

The phone buzzed. The captain didn’t pick up. It was dark in her cabin and the clock read 0210. It must be a mistake.

It wasn’t.

It buzzed again, this time angrier.

“What is it?”

“Captain, sorry to bother you.”

“Out with it, what’s going on?”

“Vic and I picked up an anomaly an hour ago during a sweep ‘gainst the background. We found something that shouldn’t been there. So we took a visual. And, well, we think you need to see this.”

“Check against the DBs?”

“Yes. All of them.”

“I’m on my way.” Captain Amanda Ruth hung up the phone.

The timing couldn’t have been worse. After getting far too drunk she found herself in bed with Lieutenant Green. She had no regrets of the shots or the sex. But now she looked like a mess, smelled worse, and felt like hell.

“What’s going on?” Green stirred. But his eyes were still shut. She ignored him, got dressed, and considered brushing her hair.

She didn’t.

After all, she mused, if all hell’s about to break loose, who’s going to care of a few loose strands?

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