Losing Scarlet and Sanity to a Raven and a Desk

Riddle me this…Why is a raven like a writing desk?” said Time deviously, “If you don’t find the answer, you’ll never see scarlet again and chaos will fill the land of wonders!

Time disappeared, leaving The Hatter alone. “What am I to do?” He said.

He put years of thought into it.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Neither should be loaded into a gun…neither should be placed in the ocean…
Neither should be vaccinated…neither would be a very good opera singer…

And so on, and so forth, until one day it struck him.

My answers don’t answer the question! It’s not ‘Why is a writing desk like a raven?’ What characteristic does a raven have similar to a writing desk?

But he had gone mad as a result.

The answer was in the question. WHY is a raven like a writing desk? not ‘IN WHAT WAY…’ nor ‘HOW…’

He need not know the similarity, but rather the reasoning…

·Because it is·

Alice sat down to have tea with a crazy, colorblind, old hatter, and his imaginary friends.

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