Taking the Road Less Traveled by With My Sister

Locking arms together we stare down a path.

“You ready sis?” She stares at me. Hope is glinting in her eyes.

“I don’t know. Change isn’t easy for me.” I say back to her a little unsure.

“We’re sisters that means that we have each other’s backs. I am not going anywhere and we’re going to make this journey together. Forget about him. Forget about the things that are tying you down. You don’t need them anymore. You’re free.”

I stared down the path. I have never gone this way before. There seemed to be a lot of light and maybe a few bumps in the road. It was definitely the one less traveled by. I stared back at her; she gave me a reassuring smile. I smile back.

“Ok, let’s do it. I am ready”

My sister and I are taking the road less traveled by. Hopefully it will make all the difference. We can make it as long as we have each other.

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