Two men ran along the cliff’s edge. One, hindered by sixty pounds of armor, that encased him from neck to toe. The other, a bobbing flightless bird, that kept checking on their pursuers’ progress with quick darting movements.

“I’m tired of running and hiding. You’ve been nothing but trouble since the day I met you.” The armored man growled.

“You think I like this? Just be ready to jump when I give the word.”

“It better be soon. It’s hard to run, wearing all this.” The giant man said, pounding on his armor.

The scarecrow-thin man winced at the noise.

“What? They know where we are.”

“I know but I’m a scout. I like stealthy. I don’t see why you have to wear all that metal anyway.”

An arrow ricocheted off spinning harmlessly into the darkness.

“That’s the reason. And you’re a thief, not a scout. Where is that thrice-damned mage? He’s supposed to be here already.”

“I know- he said he’d be here. Wait. I think that’s the signal. Jump!”

The two men disappeared into the shadow within the canyon.

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