Titania pushed another bundle of items across the checkout scanner. The checkout beeped out the first four bars of Greensleeves, not that the customers notice she thought, and she smiled at the customer, glamouring him instantly.
“How much?” he asked, his eyes dulled and his mouth slack.
Titania pointed at the small child that was with him. “He’ll do just fine.”
The customer obediently picked up his shopping and walked out, leaving the child behind.
“Titania!” Robin Goodfellow, dressed as the store manager, walked up behind her. “Your majesty, we have over three hundred children now. How many pages does one old queen need?”
“We will finish when I feel that this town is punished enough. All fairies fall under my protection, no matter how human or camp they are, and I will have my revenge.”
Robin nodded, “And where is your husband, my liege?”
“Happy-slapping some shopper at the fish counter. Go and help him out.”
One lynched gay boy and this is what happens mused Puck as he obeyed.

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