Rain Abounds

Moving out of the doorway I stood looking down the street.

The rain had started again. It always seems to rain when no good is bound to happen.

I’m getting too old to be doing this. Looking for killers is a job for the young.

Pulling up the collar on my trench-coat to avoid getting completely soaked, I stepped out into the rain. Thinking back, I tried to understand why she had to walk in to my office. She knew I wouldn’t be thrilled to help her. After all that had happened.

Yet when she walked in, I fell right into my old habits and knew I would do anything I could to help her. This broad was trouble with a capital T. She only ever came around when she’d gotten herself in too deep.

Last time, she’d nearly gotten me killed!

And just like that, once I’d solved all her problems, she’d disappear again.

Walking to my car, I heard the tell-tale noise of a gun cocking. Sighing, I turned around to see her staring me down, with the gun pointed at my heart.

What has she gotten me in to this time?

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