“Are you excited, kiddo?”

“No Mom, I’m really not.”

Michael’s sigh was a strong echo of the emotions evident in his tone. He looked up at his Mother with a sadness in his eyes that tore straight through her heart.

She hated to do this to him, but times were hard. Everyone was struggling to get by and this move was going to be their ticket to a better life. He hated her for it now, but she had no choice. He’d learn to forgive her for this.

She looked down into those sad eyes, knowing she wouldn’t be able to say a thing that would make him understand right now. He was too young to understand this. He’d called it “grown-up problems” when she tried to explain it to him before.

“I tell you what, kiddo, once we get these last few boxes into the truck, how’s about we go grab some lunch? Your choice.”

“Really? You mean you’ll let me pick the place?”

He bounced up and down while he thought of all the places he could choose. She chuckled as she nodded at him.

“Ok, I choose Red Robin!”

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