Har dar be dragons!

Once, it was said, a very long time ago, this was the land of dragons. The land was covered in their magic and majesty as they soared in the skies above and hunted down their prey below.

Looking around, one could almost see why they’d have chosen such a place. The lush grassy fields went on for miles here. Just in the distance, if I squinted my eyes, I could make out where the woods started.

Behind me, the mountains loomed overhead with their many cavernous openings, perfect locations to nest in.

In this very spot only one thing stood. Besides the grasses, it was the only thing for miles. It stood out in its solitude. A lone beacon to a time long lost.

Stalworth’s rock

The legends said it contained all the magic the dragons once had. That its sole purpose was to stand as a beacon for their return.

On that fateful day, Stalworth’s rock would burst open and release all the powers it contained back into the dragons to start a new age.

Exhausted, I sat on it and fell into a hole that shouldn’t exist.

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