Jill gazed at the man at the man as he stood in line near a display of coffee beans. He is perfect Jill thought to herself . Her heart skipped a beat as he approached the pastry case. Wiping her hands on her apron, Jill made her move.
“Can I get something for you?”
“What do you recommend?”
“The pumpkin scone is always good.”
“Great, I’ll take one .”
He really gets me_, Jill thought, he listens to me_. “Do you want that heated up?”
“If it’s not too much trouble.”
Aww he’s considerate too.
Jill passed the scone over the counter and their eyes met. In that moment Jill knew it was love.
“Did you want a coffee ?”
“I’ll take an Americano.”
He reached the register and smiled at the cashier. “That other girl” pointing at Jill, “is getting me an Americano.”
Jill gasped, that other girl! They had only been apart for a moment and he’d already moved on. Jill felt tears well in her eyes as she watched him walk away.
“Excuse me Miss.”
Jill looked up at the next customer in line and smiled. _ He’s perfect_.

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