Golden Chest

The garden is the greatest challenge. Flowers would move gently in the breeze. Flowers from all over the world were here. Blossoming during any season. Their fragrince fills the air. And in the center of the garden was a treasure. One that no one has ever gotten. The meaning of life.
Trevor looks longingly at the golden chest in the center. He wishes nothing more than to run into the garden and open the chest. But no one could enter the garden. For there was a bad part to every beauty. If you enter the garden, souls of the dead will pull you down into the Earth to join them.
So Trevor only looks. You could look, but you couldn’t touch. His blue eyes focuse on the box. Blonde hair on his face. The chest was just there. On the ground, surrounded by the roses. Just glittering there. Waiting for someone to open it. Waiting to release it’s secrets.
But no one could release it’s secrets. It will wait, and so will Trevor. Forever, until one is gone. But the gold chest wasn’t going anywhere.

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