Jump The Shark

Well this is going less ideal then expected, but it seems that the wind has picked up and is carrying the sulfurous fumes away from you and the shark. Unfortunately the shark is a bit too far gone, and he collapses. You toss the surrogate harpoon away and run to his side.

“Hey! You okay?” You shout, reaching down to feel his head. “Oh shit! You’re burning up! And your gills are dry as a bone. Let’s get you to some water.”

“Urgghgh.” Is all he has to say in reply.

You’ve got to help him up and get him to some saltwater soon, but that pile of leaves is far to inviting, and there’s a perfectly good shark laying right in front of it. So with a whoop and a holler, you sprint towards the shark and throw yourself into the air. Even with how impaired you are, you clear him with ease and land in the leaves with a pluff.

With that out of the way, you can now:
1) Go help the shark up, and get him to some saltwater.
2) Be an ass-hat and ditch the shark.
3) Call in backup to help play in the leaves.

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