It's Raining... thank God!

’It’s Raining Again!’ Someone calls.
They groan, I wonder why.
Everyone is moaning about how bad their hair is going to look by the time they get back over to main school.
I smile to myself and say to my best mate ’I’ll be back in a few minutes’
She looks at me quizzically but knows better than to ask.
I drop my bag on the floor and get out.
As fast as I can.
The Rain.
The blessed Rain.
I breathe in deeply, and then run.
Round and round, with a smile on my face.
I can hardly see where I am going.
But I run anyway.
Because it is so exhilarating.
And because it is a great tension reliever.
I love running in the rain.
I love it so much.
I come back in soaked to the skin.
And I’m told I’m mad.
But I just smile.
‘I know’ I say.
Then I get changed and go back to main school.
Spring Rains.
You gotta love them…

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