Last Day

A normal day of waiting for the girl next to me to shut up. My twin was secretly laughing at my pain. I stared out of the frosted window. We’d been driving down the road and were getting close to an intersection. On the beginning of the turn, I noticed a light coming at us full speed. The last thing I saw was a large truck loaded with cars.

I wake up in a hospital room a tube in my nose and needles in my arms. My first instinct is to struggle, but I don’t. Someone, a nurse, comes in with a doctor and my parents.
“We’re going to pull the tube out of your throat, don’t try to speak okay?” The doctor says as the offending thing is pulled out.
“A truck carrying cars hit your bus with full force and a pipe pierced your heart. Your sister’s lungs are failing, but her heart is contact. With a heart transplant, you have the best chance of survival.” I nod, tears in my eyes.
“See her…” I struggle to get the words out. I’m rolled out of the room, knowing this would be the last time I would see my sister.

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