Ten Things I Hate About...

Ten things I hate about …High School:

1. Bipolar sophmores who claim that they are being injustly treated when they treat other people like crap. Yeah, what happened to the golden rule?

2. Teachers that swear at the students. Having people swear at you left and right is just weird.

3. Evil oompah-loompahs. Trust me, they are not just in Willy Wonka.

4. Crazy art teachers and their assignments. And I’m not the only one who thinks this.

5. Effusive girls who babble about nothing. You know who you are!

6. Sarcastic teachers. Everyone has or has had one at one point or another.

7. Lectures on behavior that has nothing to do with you. Is it neccessary to yell at all of us? Really?

8. Tests and quizzes. They count for 20 and 40% of my grade, not cool.

9. Lack of sleep and early mornings. Makes me tired and cranky, which isn’t good for people around me.

10. Homework. (especially on weekends) It’s self-explainatory.

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