Rookie Recon

“Anyway,” she continued, “Your first mission is already lined up. We think we found Where the Marauders took the people from that neighborhood, among others, and we need someone to scout it out. Like it or not, Fox is our best scout at this outpost, and the Marauders haven’t seen your face, either, so you showing up shouldn’t tip them off that we’re coming.”

“Wait a second, don’t I get some training, or something? I mean, you’re sending me into hostile territory and all I know about combat is from video games!” he replied, astonished.

Silverfox sighed. “We’re just scouting the place out, we shouldn’t see any combat. Besides, even if things do get ugly, you’ve got me to protect you. Even a trained agent wouldn’t stand much of a chance without an automech if the Marauders knew they were there.”

“Really reassuring,” he grumbled.

“Reassurances aren’t going to do you much good if things go pear-shaped. Now come on, the sooner we get there, the better the chances are we’ll get those people out of there alive.”

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