In The Moment, Out of Sense

The paint came in torrents, coating the canvas in dark swaths. White became gray became blue became white again, all layered in savagery and revenge to rival the throws of Mother Nature.

Tints of brown and gold swept up from below, buffeting up against the swirls of darker color, taunting, daring, and ultimately compromising. Flecks of green, angular bursts of color across the tormented landscape, darted this way and that with flicks of a worn brush.

In time a solitary figure came upon the scene, a blur of red amidst the swirl of other colors, little more than a smudge really. Blinking from her artistic reverie, she considered the figure, some fool among the dunes, and a small one at that. Her lips smirked, and she took a sip of her coffee. Curious at her own creation, such a silly figment.

What sort of idiot would be out there?

With a start of realization she turned towards her inspiration just in time to see a flash of red tumble amongst the dunes, a muse seen without seeing.

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