No One Can

“Hello, honey. How are you?” The silence grows heavy, causing him to speak on.
“I had a good week at work. Nothing exciting, but is there ever?” He snorts laughter and shakes his head.
“The dogs miss you. I think they still look for you to come through that door. When it’s only me, they slink away, disappointed.” He chokes back tears.
“I miss you, too.” The tears flow freely now. He lays his head upon the grass, letting the aroma wash over him and soothe his aching heart. He puts his hand on the gray stone, tracing her name with his finger.
“I love you.” They sit in companionable silence, mostly because they have to. The birds begin to chirrup gaily. Then a sudden revelation springs forth from his lips.
“I have a date tomorrow.” The air seems to grow heavy.
“I know, but it’s been five years. I thought it was time to at least get out there. Nothing serious.” The birds suddenly stop singing. Screams fill the air as a hand breaks through the soil and latches onto his wrist.

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