That Deep End (Part 1)

Harold turned abruptly and set out in a strong walk in the opposite direction. Every few seconds he gave an odd twitch that looked as if something was stuck in his neck. I followed nervously around the corner.

“Harold! C’mon, where are we going?”

Harold ignored my question and kept walking.

We turned again, Harold picked up his pace and began muttering to himself and looking at his watch.

I raced to catch up with him, “Harold, buddy, what’s the matter? Just tell me what’s up and I’ll help you out,” again I was ignored and Harold made a sharp turn into an alley no wider than 3 feet. He turned sideways and side-stepped into the alley. I knew I would regret this.

As we pushed deeper into the dark walkway, the entrance we had come in through began to disappear from sight. “How long are these buildings?” I thought.

Harold stopped suddenly and crouched down. He grabbed a rusty handle and opened up a small door in the ground. He left it open as he walked down a steep set of stairs. *

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