Diabolical 1

Bobb Smith was no ordinary second grader.
He was evil. Pure evil.
Psychologically misunderstood.
No one understood how he worked.
He could control people’s minds.
Manipulate their feelings, anger, and actions.
Not for the good… either.
He attended a private school. K-8.
He had a couple of friends. Lots older than he was.
In eighth grade.
John, Jen, and Don.
They thought he was actually cool.
But Don… Don felt like Bobb was stupid. Why did they hang out with him?
Don picked on Bobb a lot.
Called him freak.
Other mean names.
Bobb didn’t like it.
Bobb didn’t like it at all.
He wanted Don to leave.
He wanted Don to die.
Bobb knew how.
“Don. Don is a bad man. A very bad, bad, man.”
Bobb stared deep into Don’s eyes.
Bored into his soul.
Saw the deepest parts of Don’s heart.
Broke into his mind.
Don screamed out loud and fell onto his back in the grass. He writhed in agony.
“Oh my God, you okay?” Jenny asked.
“Yeah,” Don said, holding the back of his head as he got up slowly.

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