Money Well Spent

I smiled as I walked out of the store. I bought so much stuff, from shirts, to necklaces. Only, now I only had twenty dollars left. What to do with it?
Buy more clothes? Or maybe get some lunch? I walked down the street, wondering what to do. I could buy a blanket. Why not. The one I have at home is probably as old as I am! Only I stopped before walking into the store. Something had caught my eye. A man by the rode.
His clothing was torn and dirty. He had no shoes, and his hair was messy and dark brown with dirt. His face was also darkened with dirt. He had a tin can in his hand. He held up the can, begging for money as people past. Though, no one even gave him a penny. His face was crinkled with a frown as people past without a word. His eyes a deep sad blue.
I went over to to man, and he held his can up in hope. I smiled. I opened my purse. His face lit up like Christmas morning. I gave him my twenty dollars.

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