Eating Gefilte Fish Without Gagging for Dummies

Gefilte Fish: fish balls made of deboned and ground fish.

The first step in eating gefilte fish without gagging is to try not to eat it at all. Avoid eye contact with the server. Don’t let anyone clear your plate of egg shell, haroset, carpas etc.

If you find that gray/beige boiled fish ball on your plate, the next best option is to try to disguise the taste. Are you goyim? If so, this is your lucky day! Ask for ketchup, no one will question because they think you eat it on everything anyway.

If you are a Jew or Kosher for Passover ketchup is not available, horseradish is your new best friend. Not the kind from the jar, you need the straight stuff. Look for the kind that Bubbe grated fresh that morning. It’s the one with the spoon dissolving in it. After a spoonful of tuberous napalm you will never taste anything again but that’s okay. At least the last thing you taste will not be gefilte fish.

Tip: Always leave some behind on the plate; otherwise you WILL be served seconds!

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