Back to the Moon

“The world looks so small from here.” Paul Bishop said standing on the grey surface of the moon. As the first astronaut to set foot since the original Apollo missions in the 1960’s Paul was proud of himself. He had every right to be. This mission if successful would determine if the next phase of the Aristaeus colonization plan would go forward. Paul worked hard to get where he was now, and he wanted to revel in the moment.

The new shuttle Armstrong, shone against the sun beside him. Paul’s crew Thomas Dekard, Grant Aldrin (grandson of Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin) and Jennifer Esthers began preparing the hundreds of tests they will be doing on the lunar surface over the next few days.

“It sure does Cap,” Jennifer said referencing Paul’s nickname. “Almost like a shiny marble.”

“You wouldn’t believe how many times I heard Granddad say that,” Grant said.

“Let’s enjoy this moment guys and gal, we are on the moon!” Paul said.

They looked off in the distance and reveled in the moment with Paul.

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