The soul at the end of the road

As she approached the Source, she felt her soul become lighter within her. She could feel the warmth of the place envelope her. Here, the spirit that plagued her was weak. She finally felt as if she could relax.

However, as she walked, she sensed the presence of another soul. She could feel its thoughts in her head, but she couldn’t make sense of them. The closer she walked, the stronger the feeling became. After a few minutes of concentration, realized that the soul was trying to contact her.

Wearied from her journey, she decided to rest before confronting the soul. She sat down on the side of the road and leaned her back against a large rock. She lifted the hood of her cloak over her dark brown hair to protect her from the rain which was beginning to fall. She wrapped her folded legs in her arms and sighed, taking comfort in the knowledge that she was close.

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