Robot Hot

I poked my hand out the door from the dark and felt the burn of the light once more. Everything was steaming, smoking and brown. Still no one came to save us.

Tl134 plugged himself into his charge port as I lay down in my bed. Two hours later I woke to some odd beep beep noises that he was making. I threw a wrench at him and gave him the finger. The beeping noise stopped.

Again I woke up, around 8 AM. Tl134 was standing over me, beeping. I tried to push him away, but suddenly, he grabbed my wrist and began to drag me out of bed. “Tl134! Stop! I am ordering you to STOP!” I screamed in terror as he dragged me towards the door. My fingernails broke as I tried to grab and scrape at the stone floors and walls.

In one motion Tl134 threw the door open and flung me out into the hot baking sun. I writhed in pain. Screaming, the sunlight burned through my skin. I looked back at the door with my burning eyes to see Tl134. He outstretched his arm and in a robotic motion lifted his middle finger towards me.

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