Best of Friends: Past and Future.

“I was wondering,” Kate started.
“Ya?” Astra coaxed.
“If we traveled through time and met ourselves, would the other “us” recognize us?"
“That would depend,”
“Ya, it would depend if you went forward in time or back in time,” Astra’s hands swung back and forth, driving home her point.
“Well then, back in time,” Kate submitted.
“In that case, no!”
“We wouldn’t recognize ourselves. We’d just look like old people,” Astra lamented.
“Are you suggesting we’re old?” Kate was miffed.
“No. Well, yes, older than our back-in-time selves,”
“I’m only 28; I wouldn’t say that’s old,”
“I didn’t say you were old,”
“Well I’m not,” Kate shrugged, looking at her finger nails; she needed a manicure.
“Ok,” Astra was glad to put the conversation behind them.
There was a moment of silence.
Kate sniffed. Cleared her throat. Then added, “What would you say?”
“To your future self in the past,”
“I dunno. Do you realize how ridiculous this is?”
Kate waited.
“I’d say to my future self, “You look old!”"
“Ya, me too,”

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