#77 Summer Reminiscence

I sat in the sun as the clouds rolled over towards me in the distance. The sun sank ever lower to the East as my shadow stretched out across the lush green grass. The sky was a dusky orange.

I often think about you on days like this, days when the spirit of life seems to call from all around. I think about the times I spent in your arms with a wide smile, my eyes staring up at the ever-closer clouds above.

Their grey folds remind me of those rainy days we spent cuddled in front of the TV. Those blissful days when we talked for hours.

And then you left me. At first I cried like the huge raincloud that had settled above my head; now I think back over the abortive relationship with a bitter smile.

And then the rains came over that green field. The clouds above me growled in anger at my smiles as the sun in the East blew light across me, and then the rains, oh, those beautiful warm summer rains came, and they washed my sins away as I laughed to the beat of the thunder.

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