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I awoke to a warm feeling. I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the warmth on my skin. What could be causing this wonderful warm sensation? I wondered.
Then, the gentil warmth became hotter and hotter. The temperature seemed to keep rising. I opened my eyes, and was blinded by the light of the sun. The sun! I was caught in sunlight.
Laying there in the heat, I looked for the comforting coolness of the shadows. Only, I didn’t see any such escape.
I layed there, in the intense heat of the sunlight. Then the sun began to rise higher up into the sky. My skin began to burn. The searing hot flames danced arcoss my body, charing the once beauty to blackness.
I screamed, but it didn’t help. The burning became worse. The flames seem to burn every molecule, every atom, and the very essence of who I was. Soon, I would be no more than just dark ashes in the wind. A future coming very fast.

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