For An Old Friend

You arrived innocently enough;
No one seemed to take notice of you.
You seemed lonely, so I saved you a place beside me on the bus.
“We can just sit three to a seat,” I told another friend.
I didn’t see you that day.
I started seeing you less and less.

Ten years later, I remember you.
You were amazing.
A spy, a soldier.
Everything about you was dangerous and wonderful, comfortable and warm.
You were the things I dreamed about and wished I could be.

I remember us.
We were dinosaurs. Monsters.
Astronauts and heroes to all.
The perfect team.
I remember asking someone if they knew you.
I never got an answer.
Now, ten years later, I remember you.
And I know why you left.

I feel cold. It doesn’t seem possible.
Was I really so lonely?

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