Rampant Problems for the Lifestyle

A beefy warrior slashed his way through a dozen animated skeletons. They offered only token resistance before collapsing into dust. I am a god, he thought to himself. This isn’t even fun. I need better challenges.

A whisper invaded his mind.

Seek the temple of Angh Morak

Unconcerned by the strange voice in his head, he was used to them, Mikeleet headed north through the swamps of Ib Szch where Angh Morak sat at the heart.

The journey proved uneventful and Mikeleet hoped that this temple might be the answer to his growing boredom. As he took his first step into the dust covered ruins-

-DISCONNECTED- flashed across his monitor.

Damnit! Not again! Angrily Michael watched his avatar pixelate and then disappear. It took him a minute to realize he was sitting in the dark. What time was it?

Michael peaked through his blinds. The rosy glow of the dawning sun splashed against the clouds. No! That can’t be the sun. I need more time!

But time had run out- he was late for work.

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