Motel Mystery's First Destination

Señora Lopéz turned and attempted a hasty exit, but I lunged forward and grabbed her arm. My eyes locked onto her angry ones. “I value my sister’s life more than my own! She saved me many times in our childhood, and since I cannot save her, I can at least do her memory justice and honor by avenging her death!” I let go of the woman as her gaze left my face.

“Room 22C,” she responded, eyes fixed on the cart of cleaning supplies outside the changing room door which she promptly grabbed and pushed before her down the hall.

Unsure what to do next, I grabbed the next cart and headed off in the opposite direction. I tried to look busy, passing Motel patrons meekly glancing down after getting a good look at each one.

I wanted to get into the room, but wouldn’t it have been cleaned since the day Marena saw whatever it was? Would there be any evidence? Was there someone there now?

Only one way to find out, I gulped and thought of my poor sister, eyes wide open in death. Maybe she left me a clue.

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