The Ride

It’s a beautifully scenic meandering rail line that wanders up the coast of this gorgeous country before ending nearby the picturesque cliffs where the ocean smashes its waves in frustration against the continent.

The one way ticket was ten dollars. That bought you your choice of leather upholstered seats on a semi-spacious passenger train that was fairly empty if you caught it during off-peak hours. You could face forward, into the future, or turn backwards towards your past. Why change now? Face the past with plenty of room to think, relax, and drink.

The fifth of liquor, known to bums and indigent alcoholics of all kinds, cost a fair seven dollars but came with a rather intense hang-over the following day. There wasn’t much need to worry about tomorrow.

A cheap, slightly worn, paperback book bought from a street vendor outside the liquor store made for good reading. Something else unfinished and left behind.

Leaping from the edge of the ominous cliffs, and joining the crashing waves on the rocks.

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