The view around me

To my direct left, there is my dresser. It has a pile of CDs, books, a coin coffee cup ,a few stuffed animals, a radio, and some pictures around and on it. There are some clothes hanging out of it, but not much. Right beside it is a bed and a closet, which has curtains that match the curtains on the windows to the right of me.

More closer to center, there is a laundry hamper, then a bit further away there is fridge, a microwave, a sink, and a stove.

Right in front of me is a bookshelf, which has printer paper, pictures surrounding and on it, and also some sundry books. There is a table with three chairs to the left, and a television, two chairs, and a coffee table, all under a window, to the right.

To my direct right is a bookshelf, with headphones, my Sims 3 game, an alarm clock an hour behind, a tissue box, and a coffee cup full of colored pencils.

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