We had been walking for miles and miles on end. The forest was humid and bugs swarmed about. I had no idea how I got into this. The only thing I can remember is my mom saying that I needed to get fresh air and that I spent to much time on my Xbox. A gamer has to be dedicated right? But anyway, now I’m stuck in basically an adult version of the Boy Scouts, no electronics allowed. I hate my mother.

“When are we going to stop?” My legs and feet are seriously killing me. Nathaniel turns to look at me kindly. I don’t need his simpathy.

“We’ll rest when we get to the next landmark on the trail. It’s only a few miles, don’t worry Matty,” he chuckles, ruffling my hair. I jerk from under his hand and glare at the tan overmuscled man and continue walking.
Almost everyone is wheezing, after the last three hours without water.
“Are we there yet?”


“You said that last time.”

“Patience is a virtue, Matty.”

“My name is not Matty and where is this map?”

“I lost it.”


“We’re lost, sorry.”

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