Always Summer Somewhere

It’s 7:15am, traffic is moving well. Small fender bender at the junction of 68 and Highway 1 has been cleared, today’s forecast, 75 and sunny

Kim stared up at the ceiling as she listed to the DJ’s voice speaking through her alarm clock. She really wanted to hit the snooze button again but knew that if she did, she’d be late. Kim threw off the sheet and padded into the kitchen to let the dogs out.

Pouring a hot cup of coffee, Kim stepped out onto the deck and admired the view; small pastel colored cottages, the rooftops of motels and restaurants and beyond that, the Pacific Ocean.

Dressed in nothing but a t-shirt and underpants, she watched the people, the birds and far in the distance, sea lions. She could hear people talking, cars and bicycles whizzing past and the surfers shouting to each other as they bobbed on the surface of the bay.

Finishing her coffee, she took one last look before stepping back into the house to get ready for the day.

It was just another typical day, 75 and sunny.

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