The Hat Picked Me

I stared in the store window, mesmerized by the green fabric that seemed to change hues in the light. I would look at it on my way to work, after work, and on my lunch break. Each hour that I stared at it, memorizing its features, made my desire grow.

At first I was curious about the color, so vibrant and rich. Then I wondered what its history was and how it ended up in the boutique window. Finally, I found myself thinking about the hat at all hours of the day. I doodled it in the margins of my office notes, I tried to find the right shade of green for my desktop background, and I day dreamed about wearing it. I thought it would make me feel different.

The day I tried it on, visions of leaving my job, traveling to exotic locales, and seeking out its maker immediately filled my head. I knew the hat was part of my future; that we were to be together.

After its purchase I went directly home, hiding my secret plans in the hat box with the precious green conspirator until it was safely locked inside with me.

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