“Thank you.” I said, dropping the black cloth on the floor. I began walking towards the door. I stopped when I felt Sam’s hand on my arm, I turned.

“Just be back before daylight, my mom will freak if your gone when she gets home.” Sam requested. I nodded, who was I to refuse when she was letting me go.

I walked out the door into the dark of night. Everything was turned different shades of silver and black from the moonlight. I didn’t spare a glance behind me I just kept walking. I reached the woods, they were opposite the lake, then I was running. My breathing spend. My heart pounded. I kept running till I felt ready then I changed.

It was easy, becoming a wolf. A child of the moon. Though we didn’t need the moon to change. We were more like shapeshifters. I ran faster as soon as all four paws touched the ground. I knew in that split second that right here was where I belonged. I had planned to go back. I had promised. In that second I knew I would never see Sam again.

I would just keep running.

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