The boy takes me out to play in the sunflowers. I don’t run with him as much anymore, it takes too much, and I can’t keep up with him like I used too. But he takes me out and runs through the flowers and I lie in the sun, and I’m happy.

Master doesn’t like it when the boy and I go out alone, he doesn’t think I can keep track of the boy anymore. He talks a lot about how I’m not young like I was, that I can’t keep up with the younger ones anymore. The boy doesn’t care.

I smell them before the boy see’s them, big, mean and mangy. Four of them, I can smell the blood on their fur. I catch the first one in mid jump for the boy, my teeth find his throat, but the second digs into my back. I yell and shake, and a third one takes my leg out from under me. They’re faster, stronger, younger, meaner.

But they don’t have a boy.

My teeth find soft places and weak spots, I hear growls turn to yelps and then the boy is holding me. He’s crying and I don’t understand, I’m lying in the sunflowers with my boy and I"m happy.

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