Samsky's Sandwich Hut

Old man Boone hobbled into Samsky’s Sandwich hut, just like he did every Sunday afternoon. He ordered the sauerkraut sandwich and sat at his regular table.

He sat at the table in the back corner of the restaurant where no one could see him. His cane rested against the booth as he prepared his sandwich. The pepper shaker slid into his hand, the top of the sandwich flopped over, and he shook some pepper onto it.

When the burglar walked into the restaurant, Boone knew what he was up to. Boone walked steadily towards him as he removed the gun from his coat and asked the clerk to empty the register. Boone flicked his wrist in the direction of the burglar and the gun flew out of his hands and hit the opposite wall. The burglar looked towards Boone only to meet the blunt wooden cane with his face. The burglar was lifeless on the floor. The clerk was in awe.

Boone picked up the burglars gun and stared at it. He then pointed it at the clerk and proceeded to rob Samsky’s Sandwich Hut.

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