When Worlds Collide 19

I smiled and held his hand tightly in mine. We walked hand in hand up to my house. We went up to my room to talk. “Tell me about you family.” I said when we laid down on the bed together.
“Well, my father was changed when he was thirty-two. A crazed vampire came out of nowhere and attacked him. About ten years later he became very lonely and he found my siblings and I dying, so he decided he would change us and let us live life to the fullest.”
“Wow.” I said, “Short story.”
He chuckled. “Now tell me yours.”
“Where to begin? My mother and father met in high school and discovered they were both werewolves, they fell instantly in love. They had me once they were out of high school and married. My uncle,” I grimaced when I said his name, “Challenged my father for my mother. My father lost because Leone had his men attack my father. My mother committed suicide because she couldn’t live without my father.”

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