Make it a Good One

Since this is my last $20, I feel that it is safe to assume that the world is either ending, I’m dead broke, or America has fallen into anarchy. I would really want to make this money mean something. It’s not as if twenty bucks is really worth much now though. But this would be my plan:

1. Buy a Wendy’s $2.99 chicken sandwich meal —> Balance = approx. $17.00
2. Chocolate bars, $2.50/Torblerone —> Balance = $12.00
3. New earrings from Claire’s, $5.oo. Gotta look nice for the end of the world! —> Balance = $7.00
4. Seven pairs of Target’s dollar socks. If the world doesn’t end, it could get really chilly! —> Balance = $0.

Money well spent!

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