The Return of Ghost in the Machine

I might be a little overconfident or overestimating my importance in the community, but i was once a ficleteer. I have had a hectic life however, and I fell out right before most people migrated to protagonize. Luck was with me though, because i somehow stumbled upon the ficlets graveyard and now here I am. I would like to reconnect with any ficleteers out there, so please drop me a line, im trying to get back into the swing of things. And if kevin somehow reads this or any of you know him, tell him he did a hell of a job with ficlets, it really helped me through some tough times. hope i can reconnect with all the awesome ficleteers out there, and good luck il try to write back asap. im leaving for basic training on april6th so if i dont answer, thats why.

Ghost in the Machine

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