Morning Routine

It had taken her a long time to get used to living with someone else. Now he watched sleepily as she started to get dressed and it was as if she didn’t realize he was there, except for the kisses she kept returning to plant.

These in a way defeated the point of trying to get up, as each time he would pull her closer to continue the kisses. Still, as he pointed out when she noted the time, she wasn’t complaining. She stuck her tongue out in reply, an ungraceful trait he was entirely enraptured by, and had been for the last seven years.

Finally she was ready enough to get them breakfast. More precisely, she got herself an apple and taunted him with it until he got up to get one himself. Then despite their besotted manner, they left for the night’s job. Some couples would say it would be a mistake to work together; these two did well, though their lives tended to have little else. Just the thrill of work, and each other.

This time they were in Morocco; in the morning they would have to leave, speedily. Again.

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