Kali Baba Wants To Burn

“If change is not forthcoming,” Kali Baba announced to a crowd of interested listeners, “I shall then self-immolate.”

He looked out across the mass of people and noted with satisfaction, several crews of media, including both Nepalese and Indian newspersons.

“Vandals and vagabonds are entering the temple premises and beating up the priests.” Kali Baba continued. “The Maoists have done nothing for the country, despite their promises. Only the return of the Monarchy can save the country from ruin.”

The politics of self-immolation are not without precident. Thich Quang Duc self-immolated in a busy intersection in Saigon, Vietnam, protesting the persecution of the Buddhists.

Siripur Yadaiah self-immolated in Hyderabad shouting pro-Telangana slogans. A note found in his pocket revealed he was giving up his life for a separate Telangana state.

Kali Baba reflected on these and other incidents of martyrdom for a moment before reaching for a can of gas.

This should make the news world wide, he thought.

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