Stab in The Dark

“He’s not here.” Dean led Cherie away from the bouncer who was now calmly guarding the door as if he never had moved from his post to bar her way. “But I do have a lead.” He held up a flyer with a few fringed tabs missing from the bottom. “This was posted in the bar.”

“You think the girls called a phone number from a flyer?” Cherie was incredulous.

“All the pictures I showed around ended with the same story. They were regulars here, but wanted what this poster advertised.”

Cherie took the poster and read it aloud, “Wanted: Someone to share dinner, talks, and good times with. No long walks on the beach, just romance and good food. No commitments, no pressure. Plenty of candlelight. Call 555-9361 for an interview. This works?! It has a photoshopped picture of a guy at a table for two with the girl cut out!”

“All you need to do is call.”
“Yes, act like a client. See if this is the guy.”
“It’s not.”
“Those girls never came back.”
“This flyer is ridiculous!”
“It’s genius.”

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