Sweet Disposition

I have every thought possible running through my mind. Every emotion is taking over my actions. I have lost sight of who I am in all of this-these past months have been a torment.

Nobody recognizes me because there is no “me” to start with anymore. I am like a souless body walking in a routine while my heart is throbbing elsewhere, pounding to be heard.

What am I doing here anyway? Nothing matters anymore- just point me in a direction and let me run. Let me drive without ever stopping. Let me sprint and pant into the sun until I fall down silent. Let the music of this strange mindset blare to block out the noise that fills my souless being.

People? What is that? A person? An individual? I have made myself numb to these so called lovers, these loosely called souls that care.

Oh who am I-what am I? Does anything I say or do matter? These seemingly pityful questions are strangely legitamate to me now.

This life has become not a life at all.

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