How Far is Too Far?

When Richard opened his eyes, the blue lights and blurred vision from cryo-stasis disrupted the dream. A moment ago, a red-headed woman had cupped his face and was in the middle of whispering something exciting into his ear. He tried to will her back into existence, but the more his mind woke up, the more she dissolved. Giving up, he looked around and doubled over as a wave of nausea took him. Bile and gray-green soypaste splattered on to the floor.

Vomiting seemed to help. Richard struggled through the fugue to remember anything from the last time he was awake. Something about a transfer to a colony world- and a new ID. He needed to be somewhere where nobody knew him.

With trembling hands, he pushed the capsule door open and stepped over the mess, clutching the frame for support. It felt exhilarating to move even though pins and needles coursed through his body.

“Hiya Sinclair, miss me?”

A sinking feeling filled him. He knew that voice.

Apparently, he couldn’t outrun love, even by leaving Earth.

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