Phased Lock Loop

The Gadget was resplendent with switches and dials and pulse-chasing LED displays that made it look both complex and important. That was intentional on the part of its designer-builder. Kelly had a flair for the dramatic. Everyone said so. The MIT Doctorate Panel had seen it all before; but Kelly had a reputation for solid research, so the ordinarily off-putting dog and pony show was tolerated.

“The phased lock loop handles the heavy lifting,” Kelly explained, as he flipped switches, tuned dials and made fine adjustments to the Gadget. “It solidifies a quantum bubble around the area to be transported, stabilizing and maintaining molecular integrity until the destination is reached.”

The walls of the room faded into a gray haze then disappeared, to be replaced by a jungle canopy, complete with grazing dinosaurs.

“Oops.” said Kelly. “There’s not supposed to be time displacement.”

Kelly frowned at the smell of fried electronics and the sounds of prehistoria.

This screwup was going to affect his grade.

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