Thunderous Reflections

The thunder ran through the house like a hyper-active two-year old. His elder sister, the lightning, was already in the backyard hiding behind the old Maple snickering at having yet again outrun him.

Mother Nature summoned a wind to catch the rare Lievens painting that had been knocked off the wall. Dutch Masters, especially originals, were hard to come by: even for demi-gods.

“You kids stay outdoors!” she shouted after them. She surveyed her living room and sighed.

What had she been thinking, retiring to the Scottish highlands leaving the weather in the hands of mortals? Meteorologists’ graphs and charts were bad enough, but now there was Global Climate Change; rampant pollution… Then, on top of it all, there was being cooped up with thunder and lightning for the past sixty-five years! She needed a break; to get out!

A glimpse through her window of south-flying geese, lent a smile to her face.

“Kids?” she called. “On second thought, pack your things! We’re going on holiday! Let’s go to Monte Carlo!”

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